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Birthdate:May 9
Location:New York, United States of America
I absolutely love role-playing and online gaming. I like going out and being organized; which means, I hate traveling with barely any cash in my pockets. I dislike clumsy and annoyingly loud people bleeping on their forsaken cellphones in public. I love reading graphic novels! Blah, blah, blah. I'm a illustrator and prone to hanging in small groups. I play 'The Sims' a lot; downloading loads of CC, watching fan videos, and reading short stories. I write my own stories too. Next, I love Asian horror movies. I even watch Korean, Chinese, Japanese dramas. He, he! I like people who are imaginative, not so moody (their shitty mood affects my mood – not cool), who can be content with what little they have (people who complain that something isn't enough ALL the time annoys the hell out of me), and care little about personal space (because I don't).

Likes: I enjoy searching the Internet for freelance artworks. I take pleasure in reading on-line comics of nearly any nature. I have a open-mindedness about many things and the things I like are very simplistic. It doesn't take much to make me smile or laugh. Oh, and I love hanging with my best friends and twin cousin, Brandon. Then, there's the obvious, usual stuff! Such as video games, movies, drawing, napping and the eating of foreign foods. Lastly, I love collecting rocks or stones that I'm able carry. Sometimes I would bring home dead, oddly shaped tree branches to one day carve.

Dislikes: I dislike crude, hurtful people. Basically, big, idiotic bullies who feel it's fun to walk on good, even innocent, people. It really drives my blood to a boil. I dislike anything gang related – I simply hate the killing. Life is something that should be cherished and respected; such as forgiveness and love. I'm not a fan of hopeless romantics or overly realistic people; I find them lacking creativity. Lastly, I dislike abuse of any kind to both animals and humans.

Bio: I grew up in New York. Born and raised in the Bronx. My mother is my official guardian and primary provider. She had won custody of me when I was young but, my father isn't an complete absent deadbeat. My brother, the older sibling, is completely nuts and is slowly destroying himself; this includes mostly his health and standing in our civil society. Our current relationship is on very thin, thin ice. My younger sibling, named Vera, is my half sister. We have different mothers and share the same father obviously. From what I can remember, my father married Vera's mother, who is also named Vera, instead of my mother. Why? The reasons behind that are still very murky. Legally, although both Vera and my father separated, they're still considered married. The reason that I don't know much my sister Vera is because her mother is nutty as hell. I'm not risking trying to find Vera anytime soon. So, my sister remains one of the nagging ghosts inside of my head. My mother would switch from job to job when I was younger. She would become bored with her current job and find a new one to satisfy new desires. I didn't think that this was bad, she has a shit-load of work experience. However, it was hard trying to keep up with my mother. Even now, I don't know her official occupation by heart. I think of my father as intelligent and wise but, he's somewhat of a dreamer and neglectful when it comes to establishing communication with his family. Neglectfulness being one of the bad traits I picked up from pop.

I have a infernal twin cousin named, Brandon. He's the Casanova writer and I'm the inspired, visual artist. Since childhood we've been hand-by-hand. Almost as close as the Elric Brothers. Another small, random fact is that my Grandfather, on my father's side, and I share the same birthday.

Recently, last year (being 2009), both my grandmothers died. Nana, from my mother's side died in May; three days before my birthday. Nana's cause of death being failure of her other organ functions sometime after the open heart surgery. Mable, from my father's side, died August fifteenth. Mable's cause of death being heart failure due to a previous massive heart attack.
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