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Generation 0: Founders

Chosen Founding Trait - Genius
Chosen Founding Skill - Fishing

Name: Elan Angels
Traits: Brave, Party Animal, Genius, Never Nude, Virtuoso
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Lifetime Aspiration: Paranormal Profiteer
Profession/Job: Ghost Hunter
Marital Status: Currently married to Faye Angels. Has fraternal twins - one female and the other male.
Children: Tempest Angels (female) and Sebastian Angels (male).
Previous Professions/Jobs: Musician
Extra: A soulless redhead capturing other spirits, ghosts and ghouls? Exciting, yes? He wears black, white and shades of gray. Was told he looks better with the glasses off, but he prefers them on. Not very talkative with other sims that isn't his wife, however he does like to party.
Appearance: (below)

Name: Faye Angels
Traits: Natural Cook, Excitable, Cat Person, Friendly, Lucky
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Lifetime Aspiration: The Culinary Librarian
Profession/Job: Culinary
Marital Status: Currently married with children. Has fraternal twins - one female and the other male.
Children: Tempest Angels (female) and Sebastian Angels (male).
Previous Professions/Jobs: None.
Extra: Has eyes that burn like the sun. She is fond of blues and yellows. Like her husband, she is not very social.
Appearance: (below)

More to come soon. Good Night.

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Eeep! I've been sidetracked! Right now I'm working on a really thorough TS3 legacy challenge. I'm trying make it as enjoyable and awesome as the TS2 Legacy Challenge. Since there isn't a legacy challenge that I've found remotely interesting or challenging enough (even if momentarily fun), I decided to create one myself. Involving all expansions packs, mini challenges, bonuses and so on. However, I do require some help. I need people to help me fill in the gaps....since I sadly don't own all the expansion packs yet. Only Ambitions. I have A TON done for the Base Game and Ambitions...yet it's still not completed. ::sighs and rubs my eyes:: So please...I think two people will do. You will be accredited for your assistance and contributions to the legacy Challenge. Keep in mind that communication is very important. The better the communication, the faster we can work and the sooner the legacy can be published for our simmers! 
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Hello everyone. I recently became hooked to the TS3. Now, I still prefer TS2. However, I just don't have TS2 for my Mac. Anyway, I'm thinking of posting videos and pictures of my gameplay. Some videos will have narratives and some will not. How frequently I update depends on the popularity of the families. In my next entry I will present to you three families: The Ginseng, Applewhite and McDevitt family. During character creation, I will only change their appearance (hair, skin, etc). However, whatever personality the game generates is the personality the sim will keep. Well, see ya next post!
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welcoмe everyoɴe тo αddιcтoɴѕтrιɴɢѕ' joυrɴαl pαɢe!

You might be thinking, "This foo' spelled addiction wrong in her username." Well, mister or madam, I surely did not. Look closely. It's not addictionstrings. it's actually addict-on-strings without the underscores or dashes. There's nothing much to type about. If you had read my profile, then you should know just enough about me. Well, I don't mind answering random questions to pass the time.

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